Monday, February 1, 2010

The Old Grey Hare

Hey everybody, here's a great cartoon:

A couple of thoughts: first of all, Elmer Fudd has to have the greatest cartoon voice of all time (provided by Arthur Q. Bryan, not Mel
Blanc as I always assumed). They always tried to work in lines that
sounded especially hilarious in his voice - like "My, that weawwy was a dewicious weg of wamb."

In this one he goes "What happened- I'm aaaalll winckled." And it's GREAT.

Bugs Bunny shows up as a rascally old coot, torments Elmer til he gets himself shot, and then, as always happens in situations like this, Elmer feels terrible and cries, "So wong, old fwiend!" There's so much good stuff in this cartoon.

Back in these days, they used full animation (as opposed to limited animation- an explanation can be found halfway down the page here) and drew so many details... and they happened so fast, you might miss them. With limited animation, the characters hold their poses so you have time to dwell on every nuance. These Golden Age characters keep moving. Like when God is talking to Elmer and he's looking around- and does this funny little twist to look behind him:

Or when Bugs is "dying" and says, "who turned out the lights?" and Elmer looks around to see what he's talking about, for some reason:
Look how horrifying this frame is! A demonic Bugs Bunny is strangling an old man!
I could go on but this cartoon speaks for itself. Maybe I'll do more of these at some point.

UPDATE: Aparently this cartoon was removed from Youtube due to a copyright violation from Warner Bros. I'm not going to bother searching for and re-posting right now, because I imagine it will just get taken down again, but if you can find it on Google video or anywhere, I highly recommend checking it out.

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