Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Rens & Stimpies

Some doodles I did with my pen tablet.

Two of the most fun cartoon characters in the world to draw... mainly because the rules are so loose. To draw Bugs Bunny, there are a lot of little subtleties you have to get right or it just doesn't look like him. Ren & Stimpy, on the other hand, look different in every scene. That's because John Kricfalusi has a much more liberal idea of "on-model" than most animators.

This remains one of the best cartoon series ever made. Everything about it was fun: the voices, the crazy plots, the cartoony expressions. And it was the first cartoon I remember to give kids what they really want: booger and fart jokes!

I'm feeling good: here's a cartoon!

What the heck, they're free... here's another:

UPDATE: My mistake- I didn't realize the version of "Big Baby Scam" was the edited version. Here's the deleted scene of Ren & Stimpy in the bathtub with Grandpa:

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