Monday, July 12, 2010

Man In The Park

My old alma mater, The College of New Jersey, is holding an alumni art exhibition in September, to which my wife submitted a fantastic piece of art, a re-working of her graduate school thesis project actually. She kept pestering me to actually complete and submit something, but for whatever reason – lack of inspiration, I would suspect, but that isn't really an excuse when it comes to doing work – I never got around to it until the very last possible moment, which happened to be this past Friday.

I stayed up late and put together this piece, which represents the illustration/cartooning style I like to use, and I think tells enough of a story to justify its existence.

Here is the original drawing I had in the bank- this one was low-res and semi-pointless, so I felt I should elaborate on the idea and put the character in a basic setting.

I also submitted this one, just for good measure. Hope I get in – actually, that we both do!!! Good luck, Erica (though she doesn't need it, her work is amazing).