Sunday, January 31, 2010

Drug Facts Action Pack

A few months ago, I was asked to create a few new illustrations for an anti-drug workbook to be used in classrooms. It was really just a series of ink illustrations to accompany the text in the books. I had done work on a previous edition back in the 1900's, and they needed some new drawings to refresh the updated version.

There was a snag though- after I submitted the initial pencil sketches, I was asked to revise them slightly to better match the original batch of drawings I did.

I did this initial group of drawings when I was about 17. Now, twelve years later, I had to go back and try and draw more like I did back then. This wasn't too difficult but slightly humbling... imagine having to forget some of the stuff you learned in the past decade, and present that as your new work. I still think I gave the project the quality it deserved, though.

Here are some of the older images (1997), for reference:


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