Monday, October 3, 2011

More On John K's Simpsons Intro

As I mentioned yesterday, this week's Simpsons featured a couch gag guest-animated by none other than animation legend John Kricfalusi himself. Today, Cartoon Brew posted an exclusive interview with John about the creation of the piece, along with a good number of sketches and production animatics.

For me, it was great to see The Simpsons (the height of cartoon writing) paired with John K (the king of the visual side) join forces. Check out the Youtube video here starting at 0:49 (for some reason Homer's speech has been omitted, hopefully they will fix this soon).

Sunday, October 2, 2011

John K. Does The Simpsons!

Today is my birthday, and when I got around to watching The Simpsons on DVR, I got one of the best presents imaginable: a couch gag created by John Kricfalusi himself!

This is about the greatest thing on The Simpsons in 15 years, if not ever. Judging by the style and animation, I guess this was a one-man job. John's style is all over this: the characters look absolutely insane, and there is so much going on it's just about impossible to catch it all- I kept rewinding it and must have watched it 20 times in a row. Homer hasn't been this funny in years. Great job, John! 

Hopefully a video will be online tomorrow; I'll link to it then.