Tuesday, February 2, 2010

15 Years? Really?

It's pretty hard to believe- it's been 15 years since Calvin & Hobbes stopped appearing in newspapers, eventually leading to the decline of sales and demise of print media in general. Bill Watterson tends to shun the spotlight and very rarely does interviews, but once every twenty years or so he emerges to address his fanbase. He just did an interview with his hometown paper:

Who knows why he chose to speak now. Maybe with the passing of JD Salinger he reexamined his status as a famous recluse... Probably not, though.

Bill Watterson

He’s probably right about what people would be saying if he kept doing it. It was the best comic strip ever but, like the Beatles, it now has an untarnished legacy. Until he passes away and Dreamworks produces a big-budget CGI Calvin and Hobbes monstrosity starring Renee Zellwigger as Hobbes.

Read some old Calvin and Hobbes here. It will absolutely brighten your day.

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