Thursday, January 28, 2010

Why not just dive in

So here we are, my first post. I felt like I had to start out with some brilliant mission statement or something, or an illustration that sums up what I am all about. But if I waited for that kind of inspiration to hit me I'd never get anything up here.

The purpose of this blog is going to be just to put up the latest little sketches I've been working on, maybe talk about the state of things.

So let's see, what's in the news... ah, here we go- the "Late Night Wars- Part II". We all thought we'd seen the last of our villain, 13 years ago...

I know, he's not really bad. But for the sake of the current narrative, it feels good to have a guy representing "the man" we can all revolt against in defense of our boy.

In reality, Conan is not REALLY one of us... he's a Harvard-educated multimillionaire. But he has that against-the-grain rebelliousness we can all relate to. And, we've all had a boss who treated us like crap we'd like to stand up to. It's also pretty striking that a guy with so many original ideas, as well as a huge fan base, can have his career sabotaged by a bunch of executives without a creative bone in their bodies... but that's the way things tend to go these days, isn't it.

These guys are all so ripe for caricature. It was almost too easy, especially in Jay Leno's case. I probably could have pushed the exaggerations a bit more... maybe for a later post.

But, Conan will be back. And not only his fanbase is now bigger than ever, but I think he's proven to the networks that he does better when he's allowed to be himself... to cleaned up to what said executives think audiences want to see. I think he'll do better next time around.

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