Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Definitely Dinosaurs- A Toy That Time Forgot

Keeping with the theme from yesterday of funny nostalgia...

Definitely Dinosaurs were a line of dinosaur action figures from the 80s, and my brothers and I, being kids, boys, and living in the 80s, had some of them. They were just ordinary dinosaur figures...

Nothing special, but pretty cool, right? One of the funny things about them is that they each came with a little caveman figure. Was this the work of some creationist nut trying to push his wacky theories on us impressionable kids? Probably not, I like to think it was more of a Flintstones-inspired thing. Dinosaurs are fun, cavemen are fun, put 'em together and sir, you've got yourself a fun little toy!

To me and my brothers, though, the funny part was this guy:

Who designed this thing, and whose idea was it to make a caveman with a shaved head and a mustache? Why would a caveman have a look like this? Guess it was an 80's thing.

I love this guy.

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