Monday, May 24, 2010

The Final 24

Well, tonight was the last episode of 24, and I must say it was a good one. This season started out slow but for the past few weeks has been just as violent, misogynistic and heart-pounding as I always want it to be. The very end was a little bit of a rehash of the way they've ended seasons before, but the goodbye to Chloe was nice, and it leaves the door open for future Jack Bauer adventures.

The drawing above was done about four or five years ago, in front of the TV when I couldn't sleep one night. I copied it from a photo in some magazine. Ah, here it is:

Looking at it now, there's a lot that doesn't match up exactly. But I think my Bauer looks more like he's about to pull the trigger. Just a little angrier.

Again, this was a great episode, but wasn't quite as good as the greatest series finale ever.

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