Thursday, April 1, 2010

Coming Soon To A Theater Near You

Look at these awesome designs for the new Yogi Bear movie. They look great, don't they- and they've cast Dan Aykroyd as the voice of Yogi, and Justin Timberlake as Boo Boo. I've always thought that a young cartoon bear cub should have the voice of a human man. And he's a huge pop star, too, so you know he'd be a great voice actor.

April Fool.

Not about the movie- it is supposedly happening. But obviously this entire concept is ridiculous. Why make this movie? What is the point of taking characters, designed in 2D by experts in a deliberately flat and stylized way, and trying to make them look "real"?

And the casting of Timberlake is so inappropriate, it's just embarrassing- obvious corporate pandering to a completely irrelevant demographic.

The original Ed Benedict design

Although I bet a ton of kids are going to flock to the theaters when they hear Dan Aykroyd is in it.

I hate to use this blog to rant, because I like it to remain more positive in tone (I don't want my wife to think of me as a curmudgeon either!), but I saw this and had to comment. What do you think?

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