Wednesday, March 17, 2010

So, Ye Be Wantin' Me Gold???

It's St. Patrick's Day! That means corned beef and cabbage (which I had on Sunday at my Grandma's house), immense quantities of heavy, dark beers (which I had last weekend at a party), and those rascally scamps, the Leprechauns! Every year I scheme to catch one so I can plunder his fortune, and every year I am thwarted by their wily ways.

This image best represents the little devils: impish, hateful, willing to do whatever it takes to keep me from his pot o' gold.

This was an earlier attempt to depict the leprechaun. He's got the gold, and he's not willing to part with it, but I wanted something more sprightly and demonic-looking. Something you absolutely NEEDED to catch, for his gold as well as the three wishes he'll grant you. There should be no sympathy for these critters.

Here are a couple of earlier sketches. The one on the left was getting closer, but he looks a little too manic- make no mistake, these fellows are very crafty. They have outsmarted me time and time again, and as most of you know that is no small feat.

This little doodle is a few years old. It's a very different style, but you still want to punch him in the face, don't you?

Which image is your favorite?

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